Build the Online world of your Dreams for your Fans and Sponsors

with the most powerful suite of "No Code" Business Modules, Community building Tools and App Technology ever put together in one CMS

designed for the very unique needs of Sports Teams, your Fans ....  AND your Sponsors

no App Store, no upfront costs and everything fully hosted and digitally distributed for you by experts...

you will win Fans' hearts, build your community and significantly improve Sponsor ROI

Be part of an exciting future because ... you can easily transition to a Fan App based future for all your Teams and have one of the most progressive and comprehensive Fan Engagement and Sponsor Integration strategies available today.  

Reduce Upfront Capital Expense and Operation Costs all while Increasing Productivity, 1st Party Data Ownership, Fan Enjoyment and Sponsor ROI 

digital fan engagement for sport

Chief Digital officer overheard saying......"Yes, finally I get my own Marketing in the Moment platform to interact, engage and transact with our fans in real-time and at-scale... even during Live events and our OTT streams."

"A Fan Interface that is Beautiful, packed with Tech, backed by data and seamlessly available everywhere at anytime"

The U+ME Dashboard is packed full with Tried and Tested, High Converting Modules all designed exclusively for Sports Teams 

  • Video Powered Branded Products Sales
  • Instant Push Advertising at scale
  • Built-in Hospitality Marketing & Sales
  • Integrated Premium Sponsor Activations
  • Run & Promote Ticketing Campaigns 
  • Seamless Loyalty / Rewards capability
  • 1st Party Data and Fan Metrics
  • Social Media Dynamic Deep Links
  • Geo Located In the Moment Marketing 
  • Personalized & Segmented Messaging
  • Interactive Live Streaming Interface
  • Identity Based Secure In App Ticketing
  • Multiple Languages for Global Fan base

Sports Teams get the Appvantage

The Power of Push Notifications
Communicate in real-time with push notifications,  with over 90% open rates. Announce anything from fun Sponsor Activations, Merch Drops, Live Stream now to get your Tickets to our next Game and never to be repeated Experiences..... plus sell off last minute Hospitality Upgrades

Fast Seamless Checkout
Your Fan App Interface is built to convert. Both On site and Online. From Link in Bio in all socials into your Fan App switchboard to NFC Tap & Purchase & Instant Interaction QR codes on Digital signage. You now have Pre-filled fan shipping info, saved payment details and a single page checkout all make for an easy, fast and seamless interaction.

Built in Geo Location
Your Fan App Interface is already on Fans phone the moment they enter one of your hot zones. No missing opportunities to Engage and Transact. Marketing in the Moment, from Live Event Merch drops & On location Activations to buy your VIP Upgrade Experience with Instant In App Tickets

Don't jam every Team you have into one website along with everything else.
Now each team can have their own unique and 

Interactive Fan Interface  for their fans !

Remember !  ........When you are building your Fan Interface and Communications strategy

"Fans want to be part of a Community and a place to be a Fan...... and not just a customer."

To make all this a reality and focus.....
we give you a whole suite of New App Tech Communications and Community Building Modules

If you have multiple Teams you will have different Fan bases maybe even different Sponsors and Hospitality options for different fan bases. This requires an easy way for you to communicate with them.

With U+ME, Each Team can have the most progressive Fan Interface today,  all powered from the ONE CMS. Now you can connect, Interact and Transact seamlessly with different Messaging, Communications, News and Sponsor Activations

A dedicated Support Team of Fan App Specialists 

U+ME is a very sophisticated platform however it is still one of the most intuitive and easiest to use.

But, if you need help we are one click away with dedicated support.

* Live chat directly from the U+ME Dashboard

* Email Ticket from UMEversity Help Desk

U+ME is also available in Multiple Languages for both the Dashboard and Fan Facing Interface