"Wordpress websites & hamburger menus are so old school... you need the latest interactive"

" The U+ME Switchboard is for Performers who want to give their Fans an amazing user experience, a home base and way more than just a bunch of Links"

Take the guess work out of knowing your fans

  • You get a total understanding of your fans because you own all the touch points now

  • Audience segmentation and built in automated event driven personal marketing that will drive sales and engagement

  • Easily find and reward your most engaged fans and new tools to transition passive social fans into your best new friend and superfans.

U+ME will also build revenue around your Music.

Fans are seeking EXPERIENCES and active ways to interact with you and will quickly pay to do so....

you just need to make it easy !

In minutes get a full suite of personalised community building tools and new revenue generating options

  • App Powered Messaging
  • Music Promotions Tools
  • Video Enhanced Merch
  • Ticket Sales Activations
  •  VIP and Experiences Sales
  •  Interactive Live Streaming
  • Fan chat rooms
  •  Sponsorship / Brand Activations

Use only the modules you need to power your Music career and it's all available in One Dashboard as you grow

Built in Geo Location

Your Fan Interface is already on a Fans phone the moment they enter one of your hot zones. No missing opportunities to Engage and Transact. Marketing in the Moment... from get some love while you play to sell your Merch from the stage to get booked and stay connected.

Everything you need to grow

Built in latest Video ad supported Merch sales, Promote anywhere with App links and QR codes. Send unlimited emails and Collect data on your fan interactions. Easily get paid while Performing at unticked gigs. Run Brand Sponsored activations. Use the latest Fan Club management tools

A Fan Interface as unique as you are 

The Power of Push Notifications

Communicate in real-time with push notifications, your messages that go directly to Fans phone. Announce anything from, Live Music & Merch drops to get your Tickets to our latest gig or your never to be repeated Experiences & Fun Activations ......whatever's going on in your world 

Fast One Click Checkout

Your Fan Merch Interface is built to convert. Both IRL and Online. NFC Tap & Purchase at your Merch table or Instant Action QR codes incl for Tickets. Online Pre-filled shipping info, saved payment details and a single page checkout, it's easy for Fans to Transact on your Fan App.

Build your community in style

just the way fans like it in an App only World 

No matter if you are an Acoustic Duo playing local bars or a Band wowing Fans all over the world,

Every Performer can now give their Fans an amazing, seamless and personal In App Experience 

Get Started Now 

"Marketing in the Moment" is the most powerful way ever to sell and engage

Geo Location discovery  means your world is instantly on fans phone while you perform.... ready to interact and transact

QR code and NFC will connect your Merch table so you can collect fan data and reward them.

Now all your activations and everything else you do now links back to your Online world ...... just the way fans expect in an App only world.

now your getting 
new fans and followers and sales every time you perform

Labels: amplify your rosters Engagement and personalize the Fan Relationship with 1st party data using the U+ME Dashboard, Technology and Tools

It's like combining a 

Digital Sales, Ticketing  & Marketing Powerhouse  

with a
Promotions and Sponsorship Activations Agency   

and then...
deliver everything with all the latest and greatest App Tech


"U+ME .......   It's how you give all your Fans the SuperFan Experience".